1999 Columbus Marathon

Sunday, November 14, 1999

Report by: Eric Barron

Not content to run a marathon in her backyard (figuratively speaking), Peggy Enriquez headed off to Ohio, where she and her daughter, Kim, lined up for the cloverleaf course of the Columbus Marathon. This was Kim's first attempt at the distance, and one wonders if Peggy told Kim all the things Kim could look forward to: cramping legs, cramping stomach, questioning existence, etc. Perhaps they would have time to discuss these things on the course.

As it turned out, it was Peggy who suffered the brunt of the physical pain. Severe stomach cramps kept her from running up to her potential, and she finished in 4:11:04. Kim, however, may have endured more psychological torture as she crossed the line with the clock at 4:00:06. Of course, that is a wonderful time for a first marathon, and she should be proud of her effort, particularly the last mile, in which she passed over 100 runners. She should also be proud of her mother who finished 36th in her age group, while Kim finished 42nd in her division. Finally, thanks to TCLA satellite member Craig Jaquith who paced Kim over the last 10K.

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