1999 Santa Monica 5K

Sunday, September 26, 1999

Report by: Wenise Wong

The old-fashioned Americana atmosphere of the annual Santa Monica 5K race evokes nostalgia, with its Octoberfair activities, cheering cheerleaders, goldfish games, and carnival carousels. This year, many TCLAers were transported back in time in a more physical sense as well. Wrinkles in times could be attributed to the course layout, a downhill first mile followed by a slowly ascending second.

Congratulations to Rachid, who placed third overall and first in his division with a time of 15:11. Though happy with his two medals, he vowed to save his celebration for breaking 15. Steve L began with a 5:32 mile, aggravating an IT band, but handily took on the role of finish line supporter alongside Terence (with his doctor's orders to stay off the ruptured Achilles that somehow doesn't include the bike). The time-traveler award goes to Jerico, who jumped out after a fast first mile to join Stephanie E as a spectator, then reappeared on pace at the 2-mile mark, to the bewilderment of Tim P.

The race served as a warmup for Tim, continuing on to Venice after crossing at 19:35. Lawrence S, somewhat disappointed with his 21:29, consoled himself by running a 12 mile cooldown. Jeff and Cindy B (24:49), as well as Jennifer S (22:22), were pleased with their times, but are focusing more on the 26.2 they'll be running this Sunday at the Portland Marathon.

Ogie was less-than-thrilled with 20:58 until the TCLAer who finished a minute behind him reminded him of the days not too long ago when he ran a minute behind her. We speculated that all of our time-related woes were due to the absence of our coach, who wouldn't quit his day job on this particular Saturday.

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