1999 Locomotion 5K

Saturday, June 5, 1999

Report by: Eric Barron

Located and run in the marina and on the beach, it is unclear how this race developed the train/locomotion theme, but there it is. Supporting the Boys and Girls Club of Venice, about three hundred people showed up for each race, respectively.

The races started and covered the first mile and a half together, at which point, the 5K course turned left, and the 10K course turned right. How kind of the race director to give 10K'ers a chance to bail and miss that long, seemingly endless stretch on the strand. Braving the course, however, Brian ran a strong race throughout and finished in 39:30. Behind him, and first in her age category, and first in the respiratorily impared division, Jacinda ran a 41:10. Just ahead of Brian, another TCLA'er improved a minute over recent times with a 36:16. He was reportedly inspired by the free cans of Mountain Dew awaiting the finishers.

In the 5K, Peggy ran a great race and went under 21 for the first time on a out-and-back course. Her 20:53 placed her second in her age division, and the ninth woman overall. Also feeling good was Peter, who cruised to a 17:19 and promised to make it hurt the next time. Bao fought his way from the back of the pack to cross the line in 23:15. And Julie, after a single track workout, took home a medal for finishing third in her age division with a 26:27. Perhaps honorable mention should go to Stephanie Cahn who gave encouragement as she went gliding by on her bike. It would have been nice to see her racing, but given that she is training for a half Ironman, she probably made the best choice.

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