1999 Palos Verdes Half Marathon

Saturday, May 29, 1999

Report by: Eric Barron

A number of TCLA'ers participated in Saturday's Palos Verdes Half Marathon, though a few, whose names will be withheld to spare the guilty, participated as bandits. Entry fee paid or not, it was a beautiful day and a scenic, "rolling" course (according to the official course description). Indeed, the course was rolling enough to make most of the runners give prayers of thanks to not have done the full marathon.

On the men's side, Frank (who has been busy running laps around his house on Tuesday nights trying to keep up with his baby daughter Isabella) ran a swift 1:27:19. Jerico, who was seen leaping down out of the bushes after an unexpected pit stop, still placed third in his age group with a respectable 1:28:27. Brian started with anger in his footsteps and held on with determination for a 1:31:01, several minutes faster than he had run the previous year. Tim managed to get to the start at the start, and moved out at a slow reasonable pace for once and actually ran the second, hilly half of the race faster than the first for a 1:32:51. Rab was supposed to run but I didn't see him. Finally, Frank's friend, Jim, deserves mention, as he actually showed up to the club workout for the first time last week, and congratulations, as he ran 1:26:37 for tenth place overall.

Some of the TCLA women's attitudes seemed like "Saturday stroll on the beach" (women, complain to the field reporter if you disagree). Can you blame them? However, Leslie Gallagher and Elizabeth Sutton (who has been working and training in the Bay area this last month) ran strong and nearly crossed the line together in 1:45:36 and 1:45:38, respectively. Elizabeth Farnan, who ran around a 1:47, used the course as a workout as she is still recovering from the Rock 'N Roll Marathon. The two Stephanies came in at 1:50 and 1:55, respectively. It would be presumptuous to guess which was which, so they can match their names to their times if they so choose. All in all, a good turn out and a good day to run some hills.

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