1999 Los Angeles Marathon

Thursday, March 4, 1999

Report by: Eric Barron

Whoever dubbed the Los Angeles Marathon, "the People's Race," musthave had the Incans as their reference point. By most accounts, everyone ran approximately 15-20 minutes slower than anticipated as the course seemed to work its magic (some would say, "torture") on the slight uphill grade from miles 13 to 21. Nevertheless, TCLA'ers met the challenge bravely. Specifically, Frank (3:19), Tim (3:29), Habib (3:45), Mike K. (3:52), and Ann (5:29) all have another 26.2 under their belts. One, Wenise, ran quite a strong race (3:35 pace) until she reached yet another steep, short hill at 24, which was the straw that weighed the camel down to a final 3:41.

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