1999 Dockweiler Beach 10K

Saturday, February 13, 1999

Report by: Eric Barron

Some said that love was in the air to greet the runners on a sunny Saturday morning for the Dockweiller Beach Valentine's Day 5K and 10K runs, but most agreed it was simply the smell of the nearby wastewater treatment plant. Whatever it was, it spurred some great times, though the downhill course did not hurt.

In particular, the TCLA women had three age division winners in Jacinda, Peggy, and Kim. Jacinda ran 18:36, a strong performance and good enough for first overall female and a used jar of foot cream (truth being occasionally stranger than fiction). Peggy ran a sterling p.r. in 20:45 (that is about 6:40 pace), a fine time for anyone, and a superb time for her age division. Perhaps her presence inspired her daughter, Kim, who in only her second race ran 21:56. Silvia, the only other TCLA woman to run, eschewed the short course for the tougher 10K and finished well even with calf cramps. Although she was tired upon finishing, she apparently had enough energy left to cart off enough Hansen's soda and Nestle's Crunch bars to feed a family of four for a week.

The TCLA men, well, where were the men? Out making last-minute Valentine's Day purchases? Only two showed up, though they represented TCLA proudly. Steve ran yet another p.r. in 18:10, and some other guy managed to finish about a minute ahead of that.

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