1997 Venice 10K

Saturday, December 13, 1997

Report by: Eric Barron

Do not let anyone call TCLA wimpy. With no prodding from their coach, all eight TCLA runners at the Venice run opted for the 10K instead of the 5K. A particularly admirable decision given that the 10K started at 8:00 a.m., whereas the 5K started at the much saner hour of 9:30 a.m. (some of us like to sleep).

Tom Dellner, running as if he had something to prove (could it be that Buckeye loss to the Wolverines?), finished in 38:21, seconds ahead of John. Personally, I think John could have taken Tom, but Tom was laughing so hard at the sight of Tom blazing by that quick acceleration was difficult. Jacinda followed about thirty seconds back, learning that a big part of the race takes place between your ears.

Meanwhile, p.r.'s abounded. Silvia knocked minutes off her previous best and went well under 1:00:00 with a 57:58. Melinda improved her best by a few seconds with a 43:05, and Peggy turned in a 43:33 (with which she dips under a seven-minute mile average, a nice milestone). Shauna, too, p.r.'d with a 46:27. Mike's time of 39:14 left him blas?, but it is understandably hard to concentrate when you are responsible for arranging the upcoming post-Tuesday workout gathering.

Special mention goes to Wenise, who found the 10K to be "nothing," after last weekend's Sacramento Marathon. There, in pouring rain and sporting a Hefty bag, she ran a perfectly paced race. She had previously calculated the pace necessary for a sub-3:40, and hit her mark exactly. Unfortunately, she calculated the pace based on a 26-mile race, and, as some of you may be aware, marathons tend to be 26.2 miles. Nevertheless, she came away with an excellent effort, a thirty-minute p.r., and a goal to shoot for next marathon.

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