1997 Jet-to-Jetty 10K

Saturday, November 22, 1997

Report by: Eric Barron

One can count on the Jet To Jetty 5K for two things, a fast first mile and an ugly 50/50 (cotton/poly) shirt. Something that no one seemed to expect, however, was the start of the race. Instead of the usual, "Thank you for coming. Now I'd like to introduce [name of has-been celebrity or local politician] to start the race," someone whispered, "Four, three, two, one." Which would not have been that big a deal except for the fact that your coach, standing at the starting line pumping up the troops, was almost trampled to death and stepped aside an instant before the gun went off.

Once underway, TCLA runners ran well. Although she lost first place to a punk rocker (Jacinda's words, and I think she was just jealous of the short, spiked, blond hair), Jacinda took second in 18:11. Next to cross the line (and second in his age division) was John, and then Magnet Tom several places back, though quick enough to keep him from considering early retirement. Little did he know it, but Magnet Tom's day was to get far worse when his Buckeyes succumbed to the undefeated Wolverines on a lovely, gray, Ann Arbor afternoon.

Winning her age division in 21:11, Peggy set a p.r., as did Shauna who took second in her age division with 22:09. Jeannie also ran, though the smile on her face at the end of the race seemed to indicate she was in it more for fun than competition.

While Peggy, John, and Jacinda jumped into the 10K for a warm-down, Melinda and Matt took it to heart. Melinda ran 43:17 (exactly seven-minute pace if you round down), and Matt finished a few minutes back. Given his short-distance background, it is quite an accomplishment to race a 10K.

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