1997 Terry Fox 10K

Sunday, November 9, 1997

Report by: Eric Barron

A fine showing (both in numbers and performance) by TCLA at the Terry Fox 5K (or, more accurately, the Terry Fox 4.85K) and 10K runs last Sunday. It was particularly nice to see Magnet Tom, Catherine, and Riz cheering on the gang. Running wonderful times for a 5K, and even good times for whatever distance the race actually was, were Jacinda, Shelly, Clint, John, Ann, Peggy, Shanna, Dorsey and Seth (a college track friend of Eric who lives in Washington D.C. and was made an honorary member of TCLA for the race).

When Seth heard before the race that the course had a hill around mile two, he said, "L.A. doesn't have any hills." Well, those that ran would probably disagree with him. The course is a tough one with about a 1200m hill in the middle. Nevertheless, people ran well enough to garner TCLA's second consecutive team victory in the race. Congratulations.

Lining up for the 10K (this time, the race director got the course right), were Meshelle, Mike, Silvia, Sheri, Kim, and Ann. These brave souls ran a rather unpleasant double loop of what was the true 5K course.

Individual highlights include a particularly strong performance from Jacinda (she thinks I refer to her race, but I mean the six miles she ran after the race), a master's victory for Peggy, Ann willingly chosing to race up that hill three times, and Shanna taking a twisted ankle in stride (pardon the pun). Yet, the overall highlight of the morning came when TCLA was able to accept its First Place award from none other than Pia Zadora, whose greatest accomplishment may be that she has managed to be considered a celebrity long after a reason ever existed (if one ever existed) for anyone to do so. On a personal note, the lowlight came when, after thinking that all I had to do was accept the award, the announcer said, "So, tell us about TCLA," and thrust the microphone in my face. I do not recall "public promotional speaking" being part of the job description when I accepted this coaching gig. Next year, let's go for a three-peat.

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