1997 Santa Monica 5K

Friday, October 10, 1997

Report by: Eric Barron

Hundreds lined the streets to see if Coach Dave would pick up the $250 for first place and be able to afford dinner for the first month in Naperville. Unfortunately, an ex-Arkansas runner with sub-4:00 mile speed also needed some dinner money, and he finished about a minute ahead of Dave. Still, I am sure we would all be happy if we could have turned in Dave's 16:30 performance. A couple of minutes behind him, just missing breaking 6:00 pace, Shelly finished third overall for women. Clint paced her throughout, foregoing his own chance at the dinner money.

Mike betrayed his true speed by running ahead of Tom for most of the race. We will now expect to see Mike giving Tom hell in the workouts as well. Dorsey put in an excellent effort by running a faster second mile than first, and holding on without falling apart from the effort. Such effort will pay off. Quietly sneaking in to the finish line, Ann and Sylvia rounded out the troops. Post-race activities included recruiting and eating (not necessarily in order of importance).

Lake Perris Triathlon: Passing on a sure $250 for the 5k, Rebecca chose instead to run 8k in 100 degree heat in the desert preceded by a 1k swim and 30k bike ride. I know, you are thinking she must be crazy, but she must have known something because she won the damn thing. Her first woman's win at a U.S. triathlon did not come easy. She had to really bear down during the run, both mentally and physically. Respect her, emulate her, just don't swing your arms as wide as she does.

Portland Marathon: Not one to shirk tough work either, Peggy lined up for 26.2 miles Sunday, and finished with a p.r. of 3 hours, 43 minutes, and change. Details were unavailable as of press time, but our hats go off to her.

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