1997 Dolphin Run

Friday, October 10, 1997

Report by: Eric Barron

A typically overcast October morning on the shores of Zuma Beach provided the setting for the Dolphin 10k run. In the air was the smell of kelp and p.r.'s, and our troops rose to the occasion. With a 51- minute finish, Ann hacked off a whopping six minutes from her previous best. Just in front of her, Catherine also p.r.d. Proving that one need not be sober to turn in such a performance, Shawna, still reeling from a good time the night before, turned in a p.r., too.

Somewhere farther ahead in the fray, Jacinda, one of our newest members, lopped at least a minute off of her previous best to finish in 37 flat. She will claim that she really crossed the line in 36:58, and that Race Central added two seconds to the final time, but I'll let you be the judge. (Okay, she's right.) Two places in the women's race ahead of Jacinda, Rebecca ran a strong 36:09. She now has incentive to get to the line of another 10k and break 36.

Also crossing the finish line were Wenise and Tom Dellnor (a long- standing member of the club who has been absent while treating his plantar fascitis). Wenise started from way back in the pack, and spent most of the race working her way past others. Tom ran sub-7-minute pace, and we look forward to his return. 1997 Dolphin 10K Run.

Finally, Dave, who ran in the race, but bopped back and forth between our runners, managed to be the only runner in the race who ran a 12k. Remember to say your good-byes to him today, we will probably not be so lucky as to have the movers be inept for another week.

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