2016 Long Beach Marathon

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Report by: Andrew Hao

The morning started mild and cool - pretty ideal. The first several miles were flat and fast and I went out with a pack that was going probably 10sec/mi under my goal pace. All the way through mile 15, I felt great - really great, and kept the pace up because I had visions of a beautiful negative split race. You probably can guess what happened next.

Victim of my own hubris and a lower-than-normal-mileage training plan, I pretty much blew up in the last 10 miles and fought through cramps to survive till the end. Some people never learn...!

I'll have to come back and run again with you all soon. Thanks again and best of luck in all your future racing.

- Andrew Hao

Average Finishing Time: 3:13:11
Averge Per Mile Pace: 7:22.1
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