2005 Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Report by: Eric Barron

Good weather, decent parking, and a pace car that followed the course were all indicators that the Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon is back as a premier event. In that spirit, TCLA increased its number of teams and laid out a nice spread of food and drink for the runners.

Cobbling together TCLA I in the last week, the club's fast men's team represented itself well by finishing 6th out of 29 teams in the Running Club, Men's Division, and 11th overall with a 2:39:44. Nyron Bernard, just off the L.A. Marathon, led the way, and handed off to Adam Reid. Adam was the one returning member from last year's team, and his experience paid off with the club's fastest leg. Todd Patterson and Larry Gessler held the team steady, and Columbia Peoples, our summer Welsh import, closed with the club's second fastest leg.

TCLA's women were not to be outdone. Comprised of four long-standing members, and one of the club's newest members, TCLA II took home some hardware by finishing 2nd in the Running Club, Women's Division. Moreover, these women gave more than just a strong running effort. Jacinda Raiche gave the team a great start then stuck around to help record everyone else's time. Elizabeth Farnan provided a second leg, as well as the club alternate and photographer (her fiancée, Jim). Wenise Wong handled the third leg, as well as the fine grilled kabobs. The newcomer and fourth leg, Jimena Barrera, overcame race nerves by not dropping the baton as she handed off to Erica Nemmers, who brought the team home in 3:03:48.

TCLA III was another blend of old and new club members. Veterans Jeff Bernstein (who was motivated to run fast so he could get home for a birthday party), BaoKim Coleman (who raced the 400m last weekend), and Ogie Espinosa (long-standing team captain) covered the first three-fifths of the course, and let newbies Ron Hecker and Bruce Reisenfeld take over once things got a little warm (the price of being a rookie). Together, the group's times added up to 3:31:01 (22nd in the Running Club, Men's Division).

TCLA's masters team was back after last year's hiatus, with a line-up that solidified minutes before the gun went off. A cold knocked out Tim Petersen, and various factors kept several other traditional runners from filling in, but Wayne Joness stepped in admirably and turned in a solid first leg. Wayne also contributed one of the tents and some great food, so be sure to thank him if you were out there. David Kent and Dean Goodman were worried about a calf and hamstring, respectively, but the muscles held out, and they kept the team in good standing. Jim Spear got to show off for his daughter, Andrea, as he flew through the fourth leg, and Terry Power gave it his best shot for a 3:05:43 (4th in the Masters Division).

Finally, TCLA V was an interesting mix of half-milers and guys from the DCLA crew. Mike Sudo, who is still getting his legs used to the longer races, got things going, but his greatest contribution may have been to bring his friend, Tanya Blake. Tanya, who also is used to shorter races, again showed that women are stronger as she ran the team's fastest leg. Seth Morris covered the middle spot and handed off to Clarence Smith, who did a great job considering how few track workouts he gets in. Brian Panosian ensured that the team was the only other one in the club to break three hours when he crossed the line in 2:56:18 (11th in the Running Club, Men's Division).

Nyron 31:50 Jacinda 33:30 Jeff 38:40
Adam 29:48 Elizabeth 38:00 Bao 46:54
Todd 34:07 Wenise 39:15 Ogie 40:10
Larry 33:39 Jimena 37:47 Ron 51:46
Columbia 30:20 Erica 35:16 Bruce 33:31

Wayne 35:30 Mike 36:50
David 34:28 Tanya 34:15
Dean 37:25 Seth 35:25
Jim 37:28 Clarence 34:56
Terry 41:02 Brian 34:52

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