2003 Los Angeles Marathon

Sunday, March 2, 2003

Rikako Takei 2003 LA Marathon (LA Times)

Report by: Eric Barron

Stuck with a not-so-fast course, an average daily high temperature approaching seventy degrees, and a conscious choice to limit prize and appearance money, the L.A. Marathon organizers have finally figured out how to keep having course records set--alter the course each year. Yes, the course changed yet again for the 2003 version. The route, however, was similar to the 2002 race, and the changes were minor (though the wheelchair athletes could not have been too fond of the two new, short, steep hills in the middle).

TCLA had another large turnout for its local marathon, both with those running and those supporting the runners. Shedding as much clothing as is legally permissible, John Jericiau made light of the heat and finished as the first TCLA'er, and the fourth master overall. Tyrone Black, wearing slightly, but not much, more was the only other club member to dip under three hours. Not wishing to land in the hoosegow, Rikako Takei chose to leave her shirt on; it made the race tougher (perhaps that accounted for the anguish showing on her face) but did not prevent her from being the first TCLA woman, the fourth in her age group, and the nineteenth woman overall to cross the line.

A few minutes behind Rikako, Michelle Chille chose to beat the heat by distracting herself and listening to a Walkman for most of the race, and Rob Roy ran a great time for his first marathon. John Loveless should be happy with his time, and Colin Walker definitely was happy with his time, a 20-minute p.r.

Just over three-and-a-half hours, Elizabeth Farnan-Flynn (who will go to Boston next year with this time), Wenise Wong (who is going to Boston this year and did not bother to taper for this race), and Masami Fukuhara (who has been to Boston twice before) all finished within ten seconds of each other thanks to chip timing. Indeed, the TCLA women as a whole had a generally great day. Kim Brettler set a huge p.r., Alison Song set a p.r., and Peggy Enriquez finished third in her age group.

Many of the men around the same time were not so happy. Perhaps they went out too fast, did not drink enough, or just were not as tough as the women. Still, Jeff Brettler, Dean Goodman, and Mark Harris deserve congratulations for completing 26.2. Rounding out the sub-four group, Jeff Bernstein ran a negative split and looked relatively well following the event.

Brian Bartholomew and Paul Anderson did not train particularly much for this one, so they must have been out there for the fun of it. Tayo Balogun ran much of the race with her mother, but kindly let her mom cross the line a few minutes ahead of her. Sharon Boles and Sharon Yamato ran much of the race together, which made it easy for those who cheered them on by reading their names on their bibs. Somewhere before the finish, however, Susan Rendell managed to break between the two Sharons. Also deserving a hand for being out in the sun longer than other TCLA'ers, Reuben Villanueva, Laura Davis, Janet Fleishman, and Becky Walkden earned their medals and an extra cup of Gatorade.

Finally, a hand for those TCLA'ers who either lined the course or ran part of the course to help those out for the distance: Amy Aukstikalnis, Michael Berger, Cindy Bernstein, Rab Brown, Stephanie Cahn, Chris DeWitt, Steph and Jerry Enriquez, Ogie Espinosa, Marlon Feiger, Josh Flynn, Tom Geha, Catherine Hackney, David Kent, Gary McArdle, Robert Newmark, Brian Panosian, Tim Petersen, Terry Power, Jim Spear, Lawrence Spear, Sam Spencer, Rasmus Tamstorf, and Shannon Whaley.

Average Finishing Time: 3:52:26.1
Averge Per Mile Pace: 8:51.9
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John Jericiau2003 Los Angeles Marathon2:46:29Marathon
Tyrone Black2003 Los Angeles Marathon2:59:11Marathon
Rikako Takei2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:14:12Marathon
Michelle Chille2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:18:08Marathon
Rob Roy2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:18:36Marathon
John Loveless2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:22:43Marathon
Colin Walker2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:31:37Marathon
Elizabeth Farnan2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:32:17Marathon
Wenise Wong2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:32:25Marathon
Masami Fukuhara2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:32:27Marathon
Jeff Brettler2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:36:01Marathon
Dean Goodman2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:39:19Marathon
Kim Brettler2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:40:31Marathon
Peggy Enriquez2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:41:59Marathon
Mark Harris2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:45:12Marathon
Alison Song2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:57:25Marathon
Jeff Bernstein2003 Los Angeles Marathon3:57:29Marathon
Brian Bartholomew2003 Los Angeles Marathon4:03:39Marathon
Tayo Balogun2003 Los Angeles Marathon4:05:04Marathon
Sharon Boles2003 Los Angeles Marathon4:15:21Marathon
Susan Rendell2003 Los Angeles Marathon4:31:04Marathon
Sharon Yamato2003 Los Angeles Marathon4:31:54Marathon
Paul Anderson2003 Los Angeles Marathon4:36:45Marathon
Reuben Villanueva2003 Los Angeles Marathon4:40:12Marathon
Laura Davis2003 Los Angeles Marathon4:40:22Marathon
Janet Fleishman2003 Los Angeles Marathon4:48:54Marathon
Becky Walden2003 Los Angeles Marathon4:56:29Marathon