2002 Brentwood 10K

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Report by: Eric Barron

Once again, the Brentwood 5K and 10K proved to be a friendly neighborhood event despite one neighbor's grumpiness (as many soon discovered, the VA refused to let anyone park on its grounds). Cool weather and overcast skies promised decent times, and the Fiji water at the finish took care of any overheating.

With a fairly prompt start, the 5K was fast and furious. Rasmus Tamstorf went out at a quick 5:13 through the first mile, and brought it home in 16:49, good for top ten in a field of almost 700. Not far behind and setting a p.r., Jon Hartmere crossed the line in 17:08. Clarence Smith did well for himself with a first in his division and a 17:42 on the clock. Also looking strong was Blair Tarr, whose strength led him to an 18:08. Another Saturday morning regular, Andreas Kemkes, dipped under 19 with an 18:47.

Dennis King is getting in good racing form, and he ended up with a 19:22. Last year, Travis Burrell and Peter Keramidas finished near each other, and they did again this year, in 19:59 and 20:47, respectively. Brian Panosian warmed up for a mere 11 miles and still managed to go under seven-minute pace with 21:20. Jeff Bernstein put party planning aside for a moment to enjoy a 21:45.

The first TCLA woman, Amy Aukstikalnis, ran 22:10, good for third in her division. Not far behind, Terry Power, who has had a hard time with consistent training lately, finished in 22:26. A veteran of the race, Bao Coleman ran 24:32. Finally, racing in the one plus one division, Cindy Bernstein raced to a 32:12, and then (with Jeff) did a superb job hosting the TCLA post-race party.

In the second race, just over 600 people lined up for the two-loop 10K. First for TCLA, Peter Glassman ran an impressive 38:34, almost medaling. Just after him, and with a few more years, Bill King won his division with a 38:57. Jose Castillo and Ian Croft, both of whom have been making the most of their track workouts, next finished for the club in 40:55 and 41:33, respectively.

Tyrone Black, sauntering across the line in 42:00, used the race as an opportunity to chat with some other runners and to get the lactic acid out of his legs from the previous day's Topanga 10K. Suzanne McNeil almost took him down with a 42:16 (and it would have been appropriate as she replaced him as the new TCLA representative in LAS&F magazine). Brian Panosian used the race to cool down from his earlier 14 miles, and should be happy with his 44:47. Right on his heels, just three seconds back, was Lawrence Spear. Phillip Barrow gave Lawrence chase, and ended up in 45:05. Doing double duty, Terry Power ran his second race of the day in 47:45. Finally, Janet Fleishman looked strong crossing the line in 54:00.

Also along the course, though not in it for the t-shirt, were John Boscardin (in tandem with his wife Christy, who was making her 10K debut), Ogie Espinosa (in street clothes), Erica Nemmers (in personal trainer mode) Jacinda Raiche (in the middle of a long run), and Wenise Wong (in roller blades).

Average Finishing Time: 43:42
Averge Per Mile Pace: 7:2
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