2002 Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Report by: Eric Barron

The Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon is by definition a team event, and for TCLA, the 2002 version was a club event. Entering a club record of twelve teams, TCLA represented itself well. Further, with each team volunteering a captain to lead them, and many members bringing food, drink, chairs, tables, and children, the event was as much a party as a race under a typically sunny, warm sky.

As for the racing, TCLA I started things rolling as the club's top mixed team under the pressure of its glorious past. For four years running (no pun originally intended), TCLA has medaled in this division, and through strong efforts, Jacinda Raiche, David Silver, Tom Wheeler, Rasmus Tamstorf, and Tania Fischer kept the streak alive with a 2:38:57, good for second place in the Running Club, Mixed Division (11th overall).

TCLA II is the club's traditional masters' entry, and this year the members should have gotten some sort of handicap given that the first three of them had just run the Boston Marathon, the fourth had just run the Los Angeles Marathon, and the fifth had just run the Catalina Marathon. Even so, Dean Goodman, Andreas Kemkes, Paul Anderson, Brian Bartholomew, and Jim Spear showed what veterans can do and finished as the fourth masters team in 3:03:27 (48th overall).

The club's next two teams each had four runners from last year's respective teams and one new addition. Ellen Kukuchka, also "fresh" from Boston, joined Julie Kriger, BaoKim Coleman, Ogie Espinosa, and Michael Berger on TCLA III, and Amy Aukstikalnis joined Susan Rendell, Jeff Bernstein, Jesus Rivera, and Cindy Bernstein on TCLA IV. TCLA III turned in a 3:35:11, nineteenth place in the Running Club, Mixed Division (194th overall), and TCLA IV ended up with something longer than that and fifty-first place in the same division (322nd overall).

Clad in fine DCLA singlets courtesy of Tim Petersen, TCLA V boasted four post-Boston runners and an anchoring captain sporting war paint. Tim Petersen, Jerry Himmelberg, John Moraytis, Clarence Smith, and Brian Panosian, all Saturday morning regulars, finished in 2:53:39, moving up one spot from last year to take tenth place in the highly competitive Running Club, Male Division (22nd overall).

TCLA VI, the club's first-ever female team, which was only in it for the fun, surprised itself by ending up second in the Running Club, Female Division with a 3:07:25 (60th overall). Earning the silver medals are Suzanne McNeil, Elizabeth Farnan-Flynn, Jacinda Raiche (yes, she ran for two teams), Chi Vuong, and Wenise Wong.

Just as TCLA V drew from the club's Saturday morning road runners, TCLA VII was comprised of many of the club's Sunday morning trail runners. Running for Lucky Seven were Jeff Giumarra, Rino Bouwman, Sam Spencer, Peter Keramidas, and Dan Blander. Their 3:03:55 was good enough for seventeenth in the Running Club, Male Division (50th overall).

Making one of the more impressive statements of the day, TCLA VIII set out to be one of the fastest teams in the entire race, and it did just that. Jon Hartmere, Brandon del Campo, Todd Adamson, Oscar Reyes, and Humberto Vargas (the latter two being Niketown imports) blazed to a 2:30:06, landing them fifth in the Running Club, Male Division, and, illustrating just how competitive that division is, fifth overall.

TCLA IX also turned in a strong performance. With one member looking more like a superhero than a runner (love that bright red outfit, matching red shoes, and utility belt), Dennis King, Juan Barrera, Arianne Groth, Bill Ketchum, and Jeraine Ketchum were seventh in the Running Club, Mixed Division (57th overall).

Not as flashy, but well-organized and well-prepared, TCLA X was all business. Mike Kukuchka, Jose Castillo, Blair Tarr, Mike Molinyawe, and Colin Walker worked together for sixteenth in the Running Club, Male Division (45th overall).

With runners mainly from the club's beginning group, but anchored by a club veteran, TCLA XI was powered by Dennis Gilkerson, Ann Marie Donnelly, Debbie Mackler, Anthony Maniello, and Bill King. This group ran solidly and ended twenty-ninth in the Running Club, Mixed Division (230th overall).

Finally, TCLA XII relied on an experienced captain, a last-minute substitute, two post-Boston athletes, and a soccer player to pull off a ninth place finish in the Running Club, Male Division (21st overall). John Daly, Paul Kasick, Todd Patterson, Tyrone Black and John Boscardin should be proud with their 2:53:25.

Thanks to all those who helped make this event one of the more enjoyable experiences on the annual race calendar, and special thanks to Lauren and Heidi for wearing out their hands while massaging many sweaty bodies.

The times below represent the time the runner held the baton (approximately 5.2 miles for the first leg, 5.3 miles for the middle three legs, and 5.1 miles for the last leg).

Jacinda 32:10 Dean 36:28 Bao 41:05
David S. 33:05 Andreas 34:49 Ogie 45:10
Tom 31:55 Paul A. 38:20 Ellen 40:35
Rasmus 30:10 Brian B. 38:02 Julie 46:53
Tania 31:38 Jim 35:48 Michael 41:28

Amy 39:40 Tim 35:15 Suzanne 36:15
Cindy 52:30 Jerry 35:15 Elizabeth 36:40
Susan 46:30 John M. 34:55 Jacinda 35:20
Jeff B. 41:34 Clarence 33:05 Chi 42:00
Jesus 38:12 Brian P. 35:15 Wenise 37:10

Peter 37:00 Jon 31:06 Dennis K. 34:38
Rino 38:35 Brandon 29:14 Juan 36:20
Sam 37:50 Todd A. 32:05 Arianne 39:41
Jeff G. 35:10 Oscar 29:35 Bill Ke. 37:14
Dan 35:20 Humberto 27:05 Jeraine 40:20

Mike K. 36:16 Dennis G. 42:25 John D. 36:45
Jose 35:14 Anthony 42:40 Paul K. 34:10
Blair 34:23 Debbie 43:25 Todd P. 33:10
Mike M. 40:26 Ann Marie 57:30 Tyrone 33:00
Colin 36:10 Bill Ki. 34:50 John B. 36:40

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