2001 Culver City Marathon

Saturday, December 1, 2001

Report by: Eric Barron

Sure it sounds more impressive to call it by its official name, the "Western Hemisphere Marathon and Half Marathon," and you can call a cow a cheetah, but it is still just a big, slow, placid animal. Along these lines, call Rikako crazy, because she ran a hard marathon two weeks ago, and ended up second in her age division and fourth woman overall at this one. Dean, another marathon lover, but with somewhat fresher legs, took first in his division.

In the shorter race, Terrence ran a strong half, which bodes well should he choose to go to Boston in April. Peter and Kim proved they are still in the running game, even if they have not made it to the track lately. After ending her triathlon season, Carmela showed what she can do with having to swim and bike before a foot race.

Average Finishing Time: 3:28:41.5
Averge Per Mile Pace: 7:57.6
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Rikako Takei2001 Culver City Marathon3:23:41Marathon
Dean Goodman2001 Culver City Marathon3:33:42Marathon