2001 Arden Energy Challenge 5K

Saturday, December 1, 2001

Coach Eric Barron

Report by: Eric Barron

A good runner should warm up on the course before the race to learn the terrain. To help with this, a good race director should lay the course out according to the course laid out on the race application. The 2001 Arden Energy Challenge 5K and 10K may have had plenty of good runners, but it was missing a good race director. It was clear something was fishy when the runners lined up at the start in the direction opposite that indicated on the race map. One thing about the race that was expected that was borne out, however, was that it would have plenty of hills, making it indeed an energy challenge.

Many TCLA'ers treated this as a medium run, so their accumulation of hardware is impressive. Todd and Andreas took second in their divisions, Tim and Terry earned third in their divisions, and Matt and Michele just missed medals by finishing fourth in their divisions. Schuyler had an easy time, while just behind him, Nicolene finished her first 10K. Amanda and Paul cruised through their race.

In the 5K, Erica won the race for the women, and in matching shorts, Clarence took first in his division. David also medaled with third in his division. Returning to the racing scene after a long layoff, John Boscardin ended up a respectable fourth in his division.

Average Finishing Time: 19:2
Averge Per Mile Pace: 6:7.6
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