2001 Palos Verdes Marathon

Saturday, May 19, 2001

Report by: Eric Barron

Runners in red TCLA singlets stood out against the colorless skies at the Palos Verdes Marathon, Half, and 5K. Each of the courses increased in difficulty as the miles of rolling hills added up, so most TCLAers chose to run the 3.1 and 13.1 miles distances instead. At 7am, as the marathoners went off, the majority of runners were still warming up or waiting in bathroom lines. Our sole, ice-veined marathoner, Paul Anderson, bettered his time from last year by two minutes, finishing in 3:32:27 and the 35th male. He took a division 3rd in a squeaker, 22 seconds ahead of the fourth guy in his age group.

As the morning progressed, runners began collecting colored ribbons. Cindy Bernstein picked up a shiny medal and a new PR in the 5K. In her acceptance speech, she graciously thanked Ogie Espinosa for pacing her 25:15 race and second place division award. In the half-marathon, Peggy Sauve-Enriquez collected the coveted 1st place blue in her division (1:53:21), an unexpected surprise after deciding to race just the day before. "Peter Keramidas" was the 4th woman overall in 1:34:38, but passed on collecting the division blue to avoid questioning by the race directors.

Meeting in Palos Verdes instead of the Coffee Bean, the "DCLA" regulars ran well together, finishing in quick succession in the first 95 minutes of the half-marathon. A speedy "Bandit" finished 13th overall in 1:24:08 (he was later identified by reliable sources as our own Rab Brown). Clarence Smith stayed on Rab's tail but finished just out of the money in his division in 1:27:56. Newish to the track and running well, Dean Goodman took 2nd in his division (1:32:19). Tim Petersen and Brian Panosian kept in sight of each other throughout the race, finishing in 1:33:13 and 1:34:09, respectively, notching a good start for this fall's St. George marathon training.

Jesus Rivera was pleased with his first long race in a long time, finishing strong in 1:42:12. Having run the race last year, Elizabeth Sutton started at an easy pace, and then attacked the hills to finish in 1:48:08. Jeff Bernstein was all smiles as he strided across the line in 1:51:57 to Cindy's cheers of "Go JB!"

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