2000 Stop Cancer 5K

Sunday, August 27, 2000

Report by: Eric Barron

Who knows if the race director of the 2000 Stop Cancer 10K is still walking on two unbroken legs after the mishap Sunday in Beverly Hills where hundreds of runners were accidentally diverted shortly after the five-mile mark to the finish line, thereby omitting a significant part of the sixth mile. Either that, or Dave Kent set a new world record with a 2:47 mile. Making matters worse, some of the runners ran the proper distance, so the reported time and places in the 10K are meaningless for many, and only their participation will be reported here: Tyrone Black, Dave Kent, Tom Wheeler, Clarence Smith, Brian Bartholomew, Jane Lieberman, Robert Newmark, Rikako Takei, Paul Scott, Masami Fukuhara, Teresa Brobeck, Elizabeth Buckley-Wheeler, Lydia Salinas, and Morena Sanchez. These runners are to be congratulated for their effort (and for their restraint in forgoing any assault uponthe race director).

In the 5K, where the course volunteers apparently had a firmer grasp of the route, runners covered the proper 3.1-mile distance. Andreas Kemkes cruised to a 19:38 (6:20 pace) in the midst of marathon training. Eric Cazenave, just getting into road racing, managed a 21:18. Three seconds later, Angela Brunson crossed the line, taking second in her division. Deanna Sakamoto, making her first postpartum race appearance, ran a respectable 24:32. Her son, Westin, was the clear winner in his division (1 and under, baby stroller aid permitted) with an identical time. Finally, Tania Fischer, who runs for SMTC, but who might be joining us for some workouts this summer, won the women's race with a 17:03.

Average Finishing Time: 20:46.4
Averge Per Mile Pace: 6:41.2
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Tania Fischer2000 Stop Cancer 5K0:17:035K
Andreas Kemkes2000 Stop Cancer 5K0:19:385K
Eric Cazenave2000 Stop Cancer 5K0:21:185K
Angela Brunson2000 Stop Cancer 5K0:21:215K
Deanna Sakamoto2000 Stop Cancer 5K0:24:325K