2000 Santa Barbara Triathlon

Saturday, August 26, 2000

Report by: Eric Barron

Field reporting from the 2000 Santa Barbara Triathlon (1-mile swim, 34-mile bike, 10-mile run) was scant, and that is being generous. It is known that Jerico Enriquez, the only TCLA participant in the short course (500-yard swim, 6-mile bike, 2-mile run) finished seventh overall (out of ?) and second in his division, that Frank Siering finished three places in front of Terence Young, that Frank and Terence both congratulated each other on races well done, that Terence secretly cannot wait to beat Frank the next time they race, and that Frank secretly is psyched he beat Terence.

Triathlete Swim Bike Run Total
Jerico Enriquez 10:33 19:13 12:40 42:25
Frank Siering 37:38 1:41:36 1:11:02 3:30:15
Terence Young ? ? 1:10:05 3:30:34
Kelly Smith 35:49 1:51:17 1:13:05 3:40:10
Lawrence Spear 52:22 2:03:56 1:26:25 4:22:42
Stephanie Enriquez 55:15 2:13:35 1:32:09 4:40:58

Average Finishing Time: 3:24:30.7
Averge Per Mile Pace: 15:36
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