2000 Leadville Trail 100

Saturday, August 19, 2000

Report by: Eric Barron

The Leadville Trail 100 boasts a 43% finishing rate. Mike Whitemiller was in the majority. Still, 60 miles in a day is not too shabby. In his post-race daze, Mike was able to string together the following words:

  • I bashed my toe nails
  • I lost ten pounds
  • It was 43 degrees and raining at the 4 AM start and I froze
  • My ribs and lungs ached
  • My knees and quads were in serious pain
  • I went-out too fast
  • I went-out too slow
  • Hope Pass clobbered me (three thousand up and down twice at mile forty and fifty)
  • I couldn't eat at mile 50
  • I got stuck in a rain and sleet storm and wound-up taking refuge in the medical tent at the top of the pass on my way back
  • My flashlight died coming out of the mountains and I had to wait in the dark for help
  • I missed the mile 60 cut-off time by nearly two hours
  • I wimped out and went to bed

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