2000 Brentwood 5K

Sunday, May 28, 2000

Report by: Eric Barron

Things got a bit backward on the weather arrangements for Memorial Day weekend this past Sunday; low clouds hung over the beach while the sun beamed down on runners at the Brentwood 5K and 10K. The heat, however, did not discourage a multitude of Track Club LA runners from attacking the one- and two-loop courses on San Vicente. Indeed, it was great to see so many red singlets either running or lining the course cheering.

The 5K, with a field of almost 900, got off first at 8:00 a.m. TCLA managed to put a cluster of runners relatively close to the front, starting with Jeff Sakamoto in 29h place, Rab Brown, two seconds later, and Dave Kent, three seconds after Rab. Trailing them, but improving on her time last year by over 30 seconds, and taking second in her division, was Jacinda Raiche. Brian Panosian, tuning up for this week's Palos Verdes Half Marathon, was another 30 seconds back. These five would have made a great grouping had this been scored like a cross country race, and they should work together to push each other the next time they race. Next across the line for TCLA was Mike Kukuchka, followed by Ogie Espinosa, Ellen Kukuchka, and Julie Kriger. Finally, Jennifer Sample was kind enough to sacrifice her own performance, and she paced a friend who was running her first 5K race.

The 10K, with a field just over 600, started at 8:45 a.m., and what a treat it was for the 10K runners to see the 5K runners already recovered by the time the 10K started. For the first 3.1 miles, most of the 10K runners had one thought, "I have to run this ground again." For the second 3.1 miles, most of the 10K runners had another thought, "I would not have to run this ground again if I stopped right now." Yes, the 10K is as much a mental challenge as a physical challenge. So, it was nice to see that just as many TCLA'ers picked the long course as those who did the shorter race.

The first TCLA'er to finish the 10K was lucky enough to have spotted Raul Ramirez (from Niketown) before the race. Raul said, "I registered, but cannot run, so you can have my number." The TCLA'er's luck ran out, however, when he learned that though he was 9th overall, he was 7th in his division (apparently, he will not be winning any division prizes for another five years). Next to cross the line was Marlon Feiger, followed shortly by Ed Olson, who will miss this week's workout because he has Lakers tickets (Ed, get your priorities straight). Wenise Wong was the first TCLA woman to finish, and also third in her division. A couple of minutes later, Todd Carey, whose work schedule may actually let him train again, crossed the line. Peggy Sauve Enriquez was next, and second in her division. Peggy was followed by Amy Aukstikalnis, Cindy Bernstein (who was the 50th woman), Sharon Yamato (third in her division and looking strong at the end), and Morena Sanchez.

It should be pointed out that as far as this club goes, the women are the real breadwinners. Literally. As placers in their respective divisions, Jacinda, Wenise, Peggy, and Sharon all won several months worth of free bread from the Brentwood Bread Company. (One last race note: In action on the other side of the Atlantic, TCLA member emeritus Dave Afshartous managed a 34:42 at a 10K in bonnie England, good for fifth place overall.)

Average Finishing Time: 21:11.8
Averge Per Mile Pace: 6:49.4
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Jeff Sakamoto2000 Brentwood 5K0:17:555K
Rab Brown2000 Brentwood 5K0:17:575K
David Kent2000 Brentwood 5K0:18:005K
Jacinda Raiche2000 Brentwood 5K0:18:275K
Brian Panosian2000 Brentwood 5K0:19:045K
Mike Kukuchka2000 Brentwood 5K0:20:495K
Ogie Espinosa2000 Brentwood 5K0:21:265K
Ellen Kukuchka2000 Brentwood 5K0:23:595K
Julie Kriger2000 Brentwood 5K0:24:335K
Jennifer Sample2000 Brentwood 5K0:29:485K