2000 Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon

Sunday, April 9, 2000

Report by: Eric Barron

Given that at any one time, four out of five runners in the2000 Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon are watching the race, it might have been just as well that the warm, sunny weather was nicer for spectating than for running. It was also just as well, then, that the race got off relatively promptly aided by the honorary starter duo of Robert Wagner and Tom Selleck (no word on whether the starting pistol was a Magnum).

TCLA fielded five teams this year, and Jacinda Raiche of TCLA I was the first of the lead leg TCLA runners to make it back to the relay zone. She did so in a faster time than last year, particularly impressive given that the weather made this year's conditions more difficult. Jacinda handed off to Elizabeth Farnan, who seemed toenjoy the sun much more after the race than during it. Arriving much better late than never, John Moraytis showed he is ready for Boston by running the best middle leg of any TCLA'er. Tom Geha might disputethe last part of that last sentence, but the official watch is official, and Tom can revisit the issue next year. Finishing up for TCLA I in his first racing effort in several months, Rachid Akif crossed the line at 2:41:30 (6:10 pace). This was good for second place in the Running Club, Mixed division (18th overall).

TCLA II was only two places behind TCLA I in this same division (46th overall). Paul Scott led off and was so determined coming into the relay chute that he ran right past his relay partner, Jane Lieberman. Once she got the baton, Jane proved that her workout earlier in the week was an aberration, and she ran quite a strong leg. Stephanie Cahn took over next, and though she was not happy with her time, she should try it again after having more consistenttraining behind her. The final two runners, Brian Panosian and Tim Petersen, both improved their performances over last year and helped the team to finish in 3:00:32 (6:53 pace).

In addition to bringing the tent, for which the club was grateful, Wenise Wong led off for TCLA III. She passed the baton to Ogie Espinosa, who was running his first leg of two for the day (the second being for another club; we are not sadists). Ogie handed off to Lawrence Spear, who was running his first leg of three for the day (the next two being lengthy cool-down laps for marathon training). Jennifer Sample and Josh Flynn finished up, each sanely running one leg of one for the day. Their times added up to 3:17:27 (7:32 pace), earning twelfth place in the Running Club, Mixed division (108th overall).

Another strong lead leg was turned in by Jeff Bernstein of TCLA IV. While he motored around the course, Sharon Danley, running next, warmed up by running around looking for her handoff teammate, honorary TCLA member, Clay Halvorsen. Fortunately, Clay appeared in time, and Sharon took the baton with the comfort of knowing that she would not have to run two legs. Clay did his part for his new team and passing the baton to Cindy.Cindy, in turn, handed off to Susan Rendell, who looked thoroughly spent after crossing the line in 3:31:24 (8:06 pace). However, given that she had already raced a leg for another team, and the sun was high, she performed admirably. Although this team was not the speediest of the TCLA entries (26th in its division; 183rd overall), they seemed to enjoy the event the most, probably due to Susan's infectious good spirits.

TCLA V, TCLA's only same-sex team, fared fairly well.Official club photographer (for this race, anyway) Dave Kent ran a good lead leg and passed off to Joe Lohmar, who kept the team almost even with TCLA I. Andreas Kemkes gave it his best for the middle of the relay, and Marlon Feiger and Steve Lopez turned in similar performances for a total 2:55:32 (6:42 pace). The team ended up fifteenth in the Running Club, Male division (38th overall).

Also seen at the race, whether as cheering fans or competing racers, were Paul Anderson, Jim Spear, Shannon Whaley, Bao Coleman, Stephanie Elkins, Mike Kukuchka, Ellen Kukuchka, Masami Fukuhara, and Rikako Takei. Special mention and thanks go to those who made (Paul A., Sharon, Josh) and brought (Brian, Wenise, Lawrence) various foodstuffs to keep the post-running hunger blues at bay.

The times below represent the time the runner held the baton (approximately 5.1 miles for the first leg, and 5.3 miles for the remaining legs).

Team I Team II Team III Team IV Team V

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