2000 Los Angeles Marathon

Sunday, March 5, 2000

Report by: Eric Barron

One of three things would have served well those who lined up for the 2000 Los Angeles Marathon: Swimming lessons, a trash bag, or a raft. If you missed the race, and want to simulate it, try running to Catalina. Surprisingly, despite the windy, cool, wet conditions, many TCLA'ers braved the course. They should be proud of themselves, and can look forward to running their next race under better conditions.

The first TCLA'er to get out of the rain was Marlon Feiger. He looked strong throughout and should be happy with his time. Just behind him, and looking equally nonplussed, Rab Brown ran well. Dave Kent was just trotting through a long weekend run. Next to finish was the first female TCLA'er, Wenise Wong. Wenise ran a gutsy race, and will surely qualify for Boston when she decides to train more than 20 miles a week. Already on the road to Boston, and shortly behind Wenise at the finish, was Rikako Takai.

A pack of TCLA'ers, including Catherine Shields, Andreas Kemkes, Masami Fukuhara, Susan Rendall, Stephanie Cahn, and Jennifer Sample dipped under the four-hour mark. The big question is whether Susan managed to smile through all 26 waterlogged miles.

Paul Anderson did a wonderful job presiding over the L.A. Leggers this year, and put his legs where his club was by toughing out the race. Sharon Yamato should also be glad to have survived the course, and can shoot for a sub-four marathon in drier weather. Veteran marathoner Ogie Espinosa has had, and will have, better races, but perhaps now he knows what an ultra feels like.

Special mention should go to a few non-TCLA'ers spotted on the streets. Tom Geha, who has been training with the club, surely would have broken three hours on a nicer day. Graylin Rogers, another training-but-yet-to-join member, dipped under 3:40. Rob Dennis, the ex-Niketown Run leader, came up from San Diego to help cheer on the runners. And Habib Torfi, who disappeared from the club a year ago, deserves credit as the only person in the race sporting a TCLA singlet.

Extra special recognition must go to the many TCLA'ers (Lani Eickhoff, Stephanie Elkins, Peggy Enriquez, Julie Kriger, and Lawrence Spear) who sacrificed a nice warm sofa and television to support the runners. Several of the runners exclaimed that these spectators' cheering and pacing were desperately welcome

Average Finishing Time: 3:54:55.8
Averge Per Mile Pace: 8:57.6
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