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Ron Hecker2017 We Run The City 5K0:34:555K
Ron Hecker2017 LA Cancer Challenge0:32:345K
Ron Hecker2017 Alive & Running0:32:595K
Ron Hecker15th Annual Cahn Mile9:14Mile
Ron Hecker2017 Will Rogers 5K0:36:075K
Ron Hecker2016 SANTA PAWS 5K0:30:455K
Ron Hecker2016 Westside JCC 5K 0:32:475K
Ron Hecker2016 Wild Turkey Trot Palm Springs0:31:305K
Ron Hecker2016 We Run the City 5K0:33:505K
Ron Hecker2016 LA Cancer Challenge0:32:145K
Ron Hecker2016 Alive & Running0:32:495K
Ron Hecker14th Annual Cahn Mile8:55Mile
Ron Hecker2016 Will Rogers 5K0:34:575K
Ron Hecker2016 Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride Run0:34:025K
Ron Hecker13th Annual Cahn Mile9:50Mile
Ron Hecker2015 Will Rogers 5K0:32:525K
Ron Hecker2015 Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride Run0:33:415K
Ron Hecker10th Annual Cahn Mile7:59Mile
Ron Hecker2012 Will Rogers 5K0:28:155K
Ron Hecker2012 Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride Run0:28:265K
Ron Hecker2011 Will Rogers 5K0:27:465K
Ron Hecker2010 Will Rogers 5K0:28:005K
Ron Hecker2010 Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride Run0:28:025K
Ron Hecker7th Annual Cahn Mile7:38Mile
Ron Hecker2008 Will Rogers 5K0:26:385K
Ron Hecker2008 Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride Run0:26:325K
Ron Hecker2007 Will Rogers 5K0:27:085K
Ron Hecker2007 Brentwood 5K0:25:415K
Ron Hecker4th Annual Cahn Mile7:10Mile
Ron Hecker2006 Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride Run0:25:205K
Ron Hecker2006 Brentwood 5K0:24:575K
Ron Hecker2004 Will Rogers 5K0:25:475K
Ron Hecker2004 Run Hit Wonder 5K0:25:385K
Ron Hecker2003 Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride Run0:25:065K
Ron Hecker2002 Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride Run0:25:475K