1999 Venice 5K

Saturday, December 11, 1999

Report by: Steve Lopez

Although several days of high wind threatened to make last weekend's racing as miserable as last year's Culver City event, the elements nevertheless relented just in time for clear, crisp and calm conditions on Saturday morning for the Venice/Marina Christmas Run.

In the 10K event, Steve Lopez chased Triathlete Zombie Jim (no last names please) around the course to break his PR set at the same venue last year finishing in 36:58 and nailing his target 5:57 pace. Steve was heard to say; "This course been berry berry good to me." John Moraytis blew through his sub 40 minute goal at 38:18 and Tim Peterson was hot at 39:05. Jacinda Raiche ran 39:30 to finish first in her division and 5th woman overall. Marlon Feiger also had a good day with a sub 40 minute run at 39:53. Running as a bandit, Terence Young rounded out the sub 40 pack.

Jane Lieberman had a very impressive finish at 40:29 which put her first in her division and 6th woman overall. The dynamic duo, Ogie Espinosa & Erica Nemmers, set dueling PR's at 43:20 and 43:53 respectively with Ogie running under 7 minute pace and Erica finishing fourth in her division. Jeff Bernstein parted company with Cindy briefly on the course to finish in 44:01 with Mike Kukuchka breathing down his neck at 44:08. Peggy Sauve paced to inspire Kimberly and finished at 48:04 which was good for sixth in her division. Jennifer Sample ran 48:34 and Cindy Bernstein 50:32 with Kimberly Moreno turning in a 54:34. John Daly and Adam Growin were also witnessed at the 10K.

In the 5K event at Venice/Marina, Julie Kriger turned in her third straight sub 25 minute finish with a 24:35 and Alison Miller took time out from high school finals to run a 26:05. Tim Peterson, still fresh after his 6:18 pace 10K went for the daily double and also ran the 5K. His efforts to recruit others into this perversity were unsuccessful.

At the Western Hemisphere 1/2 Marathon in Culver City, Frank Siering also maintained a 6:18 average pace over the course for a PR 1:22:28. He reported that Brian Panosian also finished well. New recruit from the Leggers, Joe Lohmar left his 9 min pace group in the dust with a time of 1:37:39. Amazing performances all around at the Western Hemisphere, and we won't let rumors that the course was 1/2 mile short spoil the glory.

On other fronts; Elizabeth Sutton was a reluctant participant in the Lasse Viren 20K Sunday morning (after her company party Saturday night). She found the course beautiful but tough and rubbed (muddy) elbows with some serious trail runners. Wonder who she rubbed elbows with at the office Christmas party?

Michael Whitemiller, in order to maintain strong ties to the fringe element, traveled to Texas to compete in the Texas Trail 50 miler. On a course which runs through forests and swamps in southeastern part of the state, Mike was disappointed with his 9:50 pace (hey, its only 50 miles) but had loads of fun anyway. Mike reports that the fringe element is alive and well in Texas (duh).

Excellent turnout and performances all around. Next time we'll all wear our TCLA singlets and we'll really be a force to be reckoned with.

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