1999 Dolphin Run 10K

Sunday, October 17, 1999

Report by: Eric Barron

You might be interested to know that Track Club LA runners comprised just over 1% of the field at the 1999 Dolphin Run at Zuma Beach. That's right, 13 of the 1278 participants train at SaMoHi Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m., and whether it is this training or something else, many of them ran well this last Sunday.

Leading the TCLA pack, and most everyone else as well, Rachid Akif ran a strong 10K averaging 4:58 per mile for a 30:42 finish, good enough for third place overall, second in his division, and a new Timex watch. Near the front of the women's pack, Jacinda Raiche ran an excellent race, maintaining focus for 37:27 to finish as the second overall woman, first in her division, and winner of a pair of running shoes. It is, of course, arguable that one of those shoes belongs to Jericho Enriquez, who stayed about two yards in front of Jacinda for 9,998 meters, at which point he did the chivalrous thing and let Jacinda take 44th overall place while he was the 45h runner to cross the line. Shortly ahead of these two, Frank Siering made an impressive debut at the 10K distance by breaking six-minute pace (36:59; 39th place). He might have run even faster had he not been pulled through a bit-too-fast first mile by another TCLA member (who hung on for 26th place with a 35:16). Also cracking the top 50, Steve Lopez stayed tough and finished in 38:05. Given the speed with which he ran his warm-down, however, he probably should have broken 38.

Tim Peterson, who has looked strong recently during the Saturday runs, ran 6:20 pace for a 39:09 and 72nd overall. Nine places back, but second in her division (earning her a new Timex), Janie Lieberman finished in 39:35. Mike Kukuchka, who barely makes it up in time for the Saturday runs, ended up in 42:36, and was followed eleven seconds later by longtime absent member Melinda Balbirnie. Lopping almost three minutes off of his 10K time the previous week (take heart Erica Nemmers), Ogie Espinosa turned in a 43:35. Finally, achieving her goal of running under 49, Ellen Kukuchka finished in the top 25% of the field with a 47:46.

Thanks to Stephanie Cahn and Terence Young for pedaling out and cheering on their clubmates. Also, special mention should be made of Bao Coleman who ran the 5K race after coming straight off a plane, which makes his time in the 22-minute range considerably impressive.

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