1998 Rock and Roll Marathon

Sunday, May 24, 1998

Report by: Eric Barron

7:00 a.m. does not seem like a very "rock 'n' roll" hour, but that is when this race was scheduled to start. However, to get in the spirit of things, the race director started the marathon 40 minutes late. More expectations were dashed when a forecasted overcast morning turned out to be sunny and hot, and promised bands at each mile mark turned out to be mainly nonexistent. However, of most importance, people's performances lived up to and surpassed expectations.

Despite the difficult weather, two TCLA'ers set p.r.'s. Lydia ran 3:30:30, beating her old best by nine minutes, and Kristy chopped a whopping 20 minutes off her prior best to finish in 3:54:44, just under nine-minute pace. In between those two, Elizabeth F. ran 3:43, not bad for someone suffering from severe bronchitis the week before the race. Also running were Jacinda, who entered with a leg injury (against the coach's advice, but then who listens to him anyway?), managed to run most of the way, and crossed the line in 3:26:30, Ann, who ran with an old TCLA'er and cruised to a 4:25, and Silvia, who survived the heat and should serve as inspiration for Mike when he attempts almost four marathons in this weekend's Western States 100.

Supporting these brave souls were the kind souls of Shelly, Peggy, Wenise, and Meshelle, who garnered much notice from her perch atop a newspaper stand. Many of the above-mentioned runners commented that it was a great help to have friends running with and cheering for them, and hopefully it was inspiring to watch the race. As Rick Derringer said, "Rock and roll hootchie koo."

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