2000 Dolphin 10K

Sunday, October 15, 2000

Report by: Wenise Wong

"Fortunately, we did not have to wait around all morning (as we did last year) to get the results. I came in 4th in my division, suffering from extremely tight hamstrings..."

"Not only were all the hottest Babes not there, they were running the Stop Breast Cancer 10K, but there were no dolphins in sight either. I bet Flipper went to Pasadena to check out the hotties at the Race for a Cure run too. Bastard!"

"I am very happy to report that I set a pr for the 10K distance today at the Dolphin Run. I ran 47:32, eclipsing my old 10K record of 47:54 from the 1996 race. I give the credit to my coach Eric Barron and to all of my Track Club LA friends who helped me to train smart and love it. Catherine Burch ran a p.r. by more than a minute. Her official time was 46:45 but she told me that 2 people passed her in the chute after the finish and that her real time was 46:33. Catherine and I were both interviewed for a local cable channel and I gave a plug to Track Club LA. Catherine and I both ran with the fluorescent shoe laces that Paul Anderson gave us; this was my small tribute to him for all the help and the inspiration that he has given to me at the track, with the LA Leggers, on Palos Verdes runs during the summer, and now at Niketown too."

"There were NO MILE MARKERS!!!! (not even cardboard signs!). Since I was doing it as a training run for Long Beach (at my slo-o-o-w marathon pace), it was tough to keep from going really fast (just kidding!)."

Average Finishing Time: 45:38.2
Averge Per Mile Pace: 7:20.7
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John Daly2000 Dolphin 10K0:41:3510K
Jane Lieberman2000 Dolphin 10K0:42:1110K
Bill King2000 Dolphin 10K0:42:5410K
Derek Schmidt2000 Dolphin 10K0:43:0910K
Ogie Espinosa2000 Dolphin 10K0:43:3010K
Lawrence Spear2000 Dolphin 10K0:44:4010K
Masami Fukuhara2000 Dolphin 10K0:45:2710K
Catherine Burch2000 Dolphin 10K0:46:4510K
Michael Berger2000 Dolphin 10K0:47:3210K
Fiona Karlin2000 Dolphin 10K0:51:5310K
Sharon Yamato2000 Dolphin 10K0:52:2410K